Author's Note

Michelle D. Sonnier, the Author

Stumbling Blocks

Day 4 and Day 5 of NaNoWriMo were a wash.  Low energy, achy bones, the works….  I expected that I’d have a few stumbling blocks during this whole process, but I really hoped they wouldn’t trip me so fast.  But I will keep going.  That is a promise, to you and to myself.  Now that I’ve started this story, I can’t stop.  I’ll keep writing and posting for your entertainment as I progress.  My hope for this is that I hit in the neighborhood of 30K words, a respectable novella, and add it to another dark novella I’ve been working on and offer it as a single book (and maybe add in a third novella if I can come up with something that suits the theme and tone).

I have high hopes for word count this evening.  My husband is taking our son and shooing me off to go write.  I’m excited.  Let’s see what the evening holds for Clara and Sophie…

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